Sunday, May 21, 2017

Pierce turns one

We were so glad to celebrate this little guy. He is just the cutest and has such a fun personality. He is waited on hand and foot by all his siblings and has each of them wrapped around his finger.  He favors his left hand quite a bit and I think he will be our first lefty, taking after mom.  It's gone so fast. He is so cute! He loves to point and say "this" he loves crawling after his brothers and sisters and the dogs. He loves being outside. He loves eating big food. He got tubes in his ears and is finally sleeping through the night. He is a great cruiser and can stand on his own, but is not really interested in walking. He loves a bottle and not sippy cups. He is very animated and loves meeting new people. He is very entertaining and we just are so blessed to have him in our family. Happy birthday little P.J.

Family Pictures 2016

Sherrie came to help us take our family pictures this year. Unfortunately we picked a windy day and P.J. was in quite the mood, but they turned out pretty cute.  These kids sure are photogenic and love to cheese it up for the camera. The hardest one to work with is my husband...he fusses the whole time.

Pumpkin Time

 Meme reading to the kids
 Dave and Great Grandma Turnbull playing Mastermind

We went to pick out pumpkins this year with Meme and Papa and had a great time. The kids loved playing in the kernels and sliding down the huge slides.  It was a perfect day for picking out our pumpkins and we were glad to do it with family.

Pierce 11 months

11 months?! How has it gone so fast. Poor kid is on his 4th ear infection, we found out this week and is going to be getting tubes put in. He has been such a trooper through all the pain he has been in. He is cruising around everywhere, but does not like to be walked around by us. He gets into everything and loves Biscuit's food and water the most. He loves wrestling and playing with his siblings. He points at everything. He loves to play the piano and finds his way to it multiple times a day. He loves being outside and car rides. He loves climbing the stairs and if it isn't blocked, he will help himself up. He has 3 top teeth, which were horrible coming in and 2 bottoms. He's sleeping better but not great, which makes since considering he's had a double ear infection for a little bit now. He loves playing catch. He loves to have a blanket with him to go to sleep and will cover himself with it, which is precious. He loves eating and wants to feed himself and eat big foods. He loves exploring by himself and most days is a pretty good and easy going little boy. We are so excited to celebrate his first birthday next month.

Pierce gets tubes

September 27th, Pierce got tubes put in his ears. He was less than a year old, but after 4 ear infections over the past 6 months his ENT and I both agreed it was the only way.  This is the picture of him all drugged up before they took him back. (I could really use some of that medicine on those hard days for the kids) ;)  We had to be at the hospital at 6:00 a.m. and then we were home by about 10:00. He did amazing and I was so grateful that Sherrie was still in town, so she could take care of everything at home, while I was at the hospital with P.J. 4 out of 5 kids have had tubes, so we knew the routine pretty well and are just glad for doctors who can help everyone feel better.

September 2016

 We got to help Uncle Austin celebrate his 21st birthday. It didn't go quite as planned, but we were glad to get to be with him.

 Pierce's 1 year pictures. He is just too precious.

 He did not like crawling on the grass, so he got creative.

 Fun at the circus with our little family and Meme and Lincoln.
 The newest member of our family. Teddy Graham Torgerson. A little Shih-Tzu, who is just precious.  He is so different from Biscuit and Biscuit did think that he was a new chew toy for him a couple of times, but in time he grew to tolerate him. The 2 pictures on the bottom of the collage is Teddy on the left and Biscuit on the right. They looked so similar.

Parker, out little monkey.
September was a fun month. We celebrated a few birthdays and welcomed a new cousin, Dax, to the family. He shares a birthday with his Uncle Austin on September 5th. We got tickets to go see the circus and it did not disappoint.  All the kids had a blast, especially since Meme got to come with us. I took some pictures of P.J. to get ready for him turning one and he was precious as usual.  I had been wanting to get a second dog for a while and David finally broke down and told me he was planning on getting me one for my birthday, but I found one on KSL that looked just right for our family, so I got an early present and he is adorable. Biscuit took some time to get used to him. A lot of jealousy happened and I forgot how small a brand new shih-tzu is for those first few months. David has not taken a liking to the puppy, but it did take him about 5 years to like Biscuit, so someday it will happen.

First Days of School

 Parker before we left for school, then when we actually got to school and he realized what was happening and then the picture from the end of the day. The pictures say it all.

 The kids were all pretty excited to start school this year. Elizabeth started preschool and it has been amazing!! She goes Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays from 9:00-11:00. The best part is that it is right next door. Our neighbor and her sister teach out of their house and I could not be happier with Lizzy's progress this year. Amazing!!
Parker started kindergarten this year. He was so excited the days leading up to it, but then when that day actually came he was terrified.  He cried, when I dropped him off and he had to get in line.  I did not see that coming. He only goes to school from 9:00-11:40.  When I came to pick him up, he could not have been happier. He had the best time and was so excited to go back the next day. I think his teacher, Mrs. Arenas had a ton to do with that. :)
Maggie started 3rd grade this year and it is ridiculous how much she has grown in the past year. She loves school and all things about it. She is my social butterfly, so school is the perfect place for her.  Every teacher adores her and her willingness to help where she can and that she is so nice to everyone. She loved her teacher Mrs. Millet.
David started 5th grade! Crazy...he's growing too fast. He is getting a lot more responsibilities at school and they are holding him accountable for so much more. He was not nearly as excited as the other kids about starting school this year. I guess he knew what was coming. He will survive 5th grade, which means I guess we will too.  He got 2 teachers this year, Mrs. Richards and Mr. Glover.