Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Parker turns 5

Parker wanted to have a big party for his 5th birthday, so I went for it! He wanted a Skylander's party. We had 4 games set up that were Skylander inspired and then he had a skylander cake. We had 12 kids 5 and under and it was CRAZY to say the least. What was I thinking?!! It was fun to plan and even funner to see Parker with some friends and see them all so happy and have so much fun. He got some amazing toys and loved all the excitement and attention.  He is such a sweet kid and everyone he meets just can't get enough of that contagious smile of his. He has the cutest voice and it's hard to stay mad at him for too long. He loves to be with people all the time and is constantly asking to play with friends or for us to play a game or something. He is not the tallest kid and at his 5 year check up the doctor made some comment about how he a small kid and Parker's response was, "I just want to be bigger than Lizzy."  We got a kick out of that. We love our Parker Poo and all that he brings to the family! Happy 5th buddy!!

April Days

We really do love our new house and especially the outside! In the front yard there is plenty of space for all the bikes, scooters and anything else these kids can think of.  It is fun to let them just run free out there too. They have made some great friends in the neighborhood and it is so much fun having kids go in and out from house to house all day. We just love our neighborhood! :)

Visitors in March

 One of my oldest friends and her family came to visit and stayed with us for a few days. It was so much fun! Our kids are all about the same age and got along so well, like they see each other all the time. Parker and Cole were definitely the cutest! They hit it off right away and were sad, whenever they were separated. It was so much fun to have the Rogers here and we wish we could see them more often and are always ready for them to visit again some day. 
 A couple of days after the Rogers left, we had the Torgersons in town for David's cousin's wedding.  

We were lucky to have a few visitors over the months. We are grateful for all the great family and friends we have to are willing to come and visit us and for any excuse to get them out here.

Easter 2016

 Parker just realized that Elizabeth got more eggs than he did, which is why his head is down in defeat and disappointment.

 Lincoln was only interested in the eggs on the way to the trampoline and then he was happy to have it all to himself.

 We played some croquet after all the kids were done hunting for the eggs and were occupied with candy.
Another great Easter this year and the lids all loved the huge 1/2 acre of space they had to hunt for those hidden eggs. We had somewhat good weather and were able to have a peaceful hunt. Lizzy was very into the hunt and was amazing at it too. Unfortunately, Parker noticed how many more she got than him and was very sad after that realization. We got a kick out of it. He told us later that he only wanted to beat Lizzy and was sad that he lost to her. Oh, sibling rivalry.  Pierce was just going with the flow and was happy as long as he was being held and paid attention to. We love Easter :)

Elizabeth is 3

It was a very eventful week, the week of Elizabeth's birthday.  I had gone to Texas to see my grandma the week before and then her birthday was the day before Easter. We had a ton of fun on her big day. She is so into owls and that is all she asked for was an owl cake and anything to do with owls. We just had a family party, but she had such a good time. Lizzy is such a happy and sweet girl. She is rarely in a bad mood.  She loves to smile and has the sweetest personality. She loves owls and Paw Patrol. She loves the colors pink and purple. She is not usually scared of a new situation. She can have a mean streak, when she is tired and hasn't been put to bed, but usually is a sweet girl. She talks so well and says so many funny things, that sometimes I forget that she is only 3. She is such a fun part of our family. Happy Birthday Elizabeth Paige!!

P.J. 6 Months

Pj is 6 months and is so precious!! He is rolling. He turns all around on his belly and somehow scoots along. He laughs, but still takes a lot to get him to. He got his first tooth and the second is close behind. He loves baby food and eats it once a day. He still loves mommy, but since he eats baby food, I can be away from him a little longer. He is not a good sleeper. We will work on that after his next tooth. He is so cute with his hands and grabs everything in sight!! He loves his exersaucer and tummy time so much and loves being outside in the spring weather. He is adorable and lights up a room!